Things to look before buying any Mobile Phones.

mobile phones
21st generation is the generation of smartphones. It tells about you, it shows class and built an instant impression. Today smartphones play a vital role in our life, it’s a must have thing now.
You cannot keep a single phone for a long time because technology is developing at such a rapid rate that even a three months older phone seems outdated. Whenever we have to buy a new phone most of us face the same problem, we all get confused and it's obvious, there are hundreds of mobile phone companies and hundreds of new phones launched every month. Some have a good camera, some are fast, some have better display etc. So which one should we buy?
In this post, I am going to give you some tips which will probably help you whenever you buy any smartphone. 

RAM: To run multiple apps simultaneously

RAM stands for Random Access Memory. Whenever we run any application the data of the application gets temporarily stored in the RAM. The hard disk or the ROM is just used to store the data and that data is get opened or run in the RAM. More the RAM more space and more the data can be opened at once.
Take an example, assume you are browsing or surfing any website and suddenly you get a message on WhatsApp what would you do, you hit the home button and opened that message and again get back to that browser you don’t have to open it again. What actually happen is that when you hit the home button the application didn’t close it is still running in the background or in the RAM.  So if the RAM is more you can open many apps and work on them simultaneously. If your device has more RAM it can do multitasking and run heavy apps. Devices with low RAM lag or slow down when we open several apps or heavy apps.
Higher RAM will give you better prowess to run multiple apps together.

Processor: For high-speed performance

The processor is the heart of the phone. When we open any app data get transferred from storage body to RAM, who move these data? It is the processor which transferred the data from storage body to RAM. Faster the processor faster will be the data transferring.
Phones with fast processor open applications quickly, respond quickly, don’t lag and run smooth. Processor speed also depends on the Core Fast processor reduces the power consumption also.

Relation between RAM and Processor

From the above context, we know what RAM and Processor are. But they don’t work independently they have to work in coordination to bring out a good result. If your phone have high RAM and a slow processor or low RAM and fast processor it won’t work well.
Take an example, imagine you have a warehouse (storage body like SD card, hard disk or internal phone storage) and you order your labour (processor) who is very agile and quick to load goods on the lorry (RAM) which is quite small. What will happen? The labour filled that lorry with goods very quickly and might some goods left behind. And if the labour will be slow and lorry will be big, the labour took too much time to fill that lorry and might not be able to carry heavy goods (heavy apps).
So this is the case with your smartphone. If your phones have high RAM and slow processor it won’t process the data and transfer the data to RAM quickly and in the result, apps took a time to get opened, on other hands if the processor is fast and RAM is low it also creates problems. The process slows down due to lack of space in RAM.
Your phone should have a sweet combination of both.

Camera: For better pictures

The camera doesn’t affect the performance of the phones but it is an important aspect of smartphones.  To capture the memorable and precious moments you need a good camera and there are many phones with DSLR-like camera quality but you have to pay extra dollars for that. So use your common sense and spend those extra dollars according to your use, you can find an average camera phone at a very affordable price.

Display: To watch a movie, crisp and clear

best display quality
A display is a very important part of the phone because this is the place where we interact with our smartphones, better the display better will be the picture quality, clearer view and you can even watch your videos and picture in a hot sunny day.
The quality of the screen depends on the pixel density or PPI (pixel per inch), greater the pixel density better is the display but to certain extent because human eye can see 2190 PPI at 4 inches from the screen but I don’t think we keep phone that close to our eye, at least I hope you don’t. People with average visual acuity can see up to 876 PPI, too much PPI slows down phones speed.  Companies are offering many kinds of display quality like Retina display, QHD Display, AMOLED Display, HD IPS Display etc, but it is almost impossible to tell which one is the best.
At last, never forget to purchase a phone whose display is protected by Gorilla Glass.

Battery: To work without plugging

The battery is another very important component of a mobile phone because the smartphone runs on the juice of the battery. So more the mAh of your battery more the power and your phone can last longer. Now phones are coming with a new technology called Turbo Charging or Fast Charging, which enables the device charged up very quickly.

GPU: To play high-quality games and video

nvidia gpu
GPU stands for Graphics Processing Unit. GPU was quite insignificant in earlier phones but with the arrival of smartphones,     it becomes significant. GPU-accelerate the image output to a display.  GPU become very essential part of phones in recent time as mobile games are coming in very high resolution, videos being shot in HD. As CPU cannot process all these things alone you need a good GPU embedded in your smartphone chipset.