5 Deadly Games Like Blue Whale Coming in India

The so-called marvel of the human mind the Information Technology has completely changed the way of life we live 20 years back. But I always think is the change is good or bad? Yes, It has revolutionized our living and our work but it has significant negative impact on our lives.

So, what exactly made me think negatively about IT. A tech geek like me who always praised the technology and motivated other people to adopt it, finally here with completely different thinking.

A few months ago, a challenge called Blue Whale made the headlines of the news and also was a common talk for everyone. Blue Whale is a series of 50 days challenge in which 50 tasks are given. It instructs the participant to watch scary videos, self-harm, waking at odd hours, etc. The challenge causes grievous harm and ultimately claiming the lives of the participants. So far the challenge has claimed 130 deaths (Source: Indiatimes).

Due to the rise of Social media and Instant Messaging games like these have got huge popularity and many similar games like Blue Whale or more dangerous are becoming popular nowadays. Here a list of 5 games getting popularity especially in teen and coming soon in India.

1. Game of 72 

72 Hours Hiding game
What if you can’t find your child for 3-4 hours? How you will feel? Quite terrifying but what will happen if your loved one is missing for 72 hours, without any information, no contact, nothing? ‘Game of 72’is a Social media game which dares children to disappear for 72 hours (3 days) without a word to their families. The game has created panic among the parents in France after a 13-year-old girl went missing for 3 days name Emma. Thankfully she returned safely after 72 hours. She refused to tell police or her parents where she had been, but the only thing she said that she had completed the 'Game of 72' dare.

2. Momo Challenge 
Momo Avtar
Just after a year of Blue Whale challenge, the Momo challenge has hit the social media and Instant messengers like Facebook and Whatsapp. The challenge has a list of task similar to the previous deadly game “Blue Whale”. According to the Computer Crime Investigation Unit of the State of Tabasco, Mexico, the game started with an unknown person known as Momo on WhatsApp. The victim receives graphic threats from the Momo and is instructed to perform a series of dangerous tasks.

As per the report of theweek.co.uk - a girl aged 12 and a boy of 16 had killed themselves in northeastern Columbia after playing the Momo game.

Fox News claims Momo is “also linked to the theft of personal data, harassment, extortion, anxiety, depression and insomnia”. India has also reported a death by Momo challenge, reported by The Sun.

3. Kiki Challenge 

Another internet sensation which is going viral is Kiki Challenge. It has not only affected the teenagers but the uncles and aunty of teenagers are also playing this. Kiki challenge is a dance challenge that has gone viral in the world. In this challenge participants have to jump out of the moving car and dance on the Canadian Superstar Drake’s hit song “In My Feeling”. Some of the videos uploaded on the internet show participants injuring themselves by crashing into poles or falling out of the car.